Better Late Than Never – Introduction

Shalom all,

My name is Chris, aka Gideon, and I am the creator of Manna Entertainment LLC. I am the Game Designer, Writer, and general Producer for our first game Space Exodus. We have run into a lot of setbacks on the game which I planned to make in 2-3 months tops, but you can see the updates we did prior to the creation of the blog here:

Manna Entertainment LLC Facebook Page

Perhaps I will be doing more updates here as the time goes, but before I attempted to create my company and a game that I hope will succeed in the iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile Platforms, I was a Writer by hobby and training. So I would also like to use this blog not only to talk about what’s going on with our current game development, but also to write reviews about games that I play and enjoy as of late, and also to talk about games in general.

I am very outspoken and a literal kind of person, so I will try to avoid the infamous religious and political topics, though I can’t hide who I am and my culture may seep in from time to time…Well this is the first post to test the waters, and I definitely welcome any  suggestions, feedback, etc. to make this a more pleasurable experience all around!


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