Order out of Chaos

Hey there!

So now that I have figured out how to get the hosting done (thanks to my buddy Albert Ferran and GoDaddy’s amazingly good customer service team), the next step will be to figure out how to play with the layout to get some order

Ideally I would like to separate this blog into individual sections, kind of like “Our Stuff” (to deal with Manna Entertainment’s in-house updates on our games), “Other’s Stuff” (where I can write reviews, previews, or just generally talk about games in general), and something to that effect… Keep in mind I am a 100% amatuer when it comes to that, and I know very little HTML (enough to embed a picture, do some bold/italics/etc.).

So any suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated! This is my first blog run without a having many of the features pre-made for me (as was the case on Blogger.com).

Looking forward to it!

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