Space Exodus – Colorful Cast of Baddies

Shalom Space Adventurers!

I haven’t posted here in a long time, and if you are wondering why that is, it’s because we FINALLY got a dedicated and trustworthy Programmer (Adedeji Ogundipe of Twin Crown Studios) who is busily making #SpaceExodus a reality on the Unity Development Platform! Things are working well, and it’s looking like we may be able to launch a fully functional Space Exodus (a 2D Space Shooter for Mobile Touch Screen Platforms) as early as January, or as late as February! G-d knows it hasn’t been easy, but the coolest part is having a Programmer who communicates well actually helps the entire Team to work much harder & faster since we know what is required of us to make the game happen!

Ship Size Scale - Non-Bosses
Cast of Space Exodus Enemies. 

One of the latest things I have done is this picture that I want to share with you: the game’s colorful cast of baddies you will fight in regular stages (1-100). I hope you look forward to seeing what they can do, how they sound, and if you have what it takes to whip their tail and bring humanity back home! In addition to the great job our 2D Artists (Carlos Franco, and Enrique Carbajal with some initial art from Christian Taormina) have done, we have a brilliant Composer/Musician (Mike Bacon Jr. of Padded Room Productions) who is doing amazing things with the soundtrack (which we hope you enjoy)!

P.S. I may use our domain in the future to do a FAQ and updates for Space Exodus, but that also depends on its success if I can afford to do that, so here is to hoping everyone loves it as much as the love we are putting into it!

Please look forward to it!

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