Space Exodus Demo

Image for Final Release App Icon

Greetings fellow Space Cadets! I want to apologize for not doing more updates recently, I have been incredibly busy preparing for the finalization of Space Exodus… So I decided to have an earlier build of the demo available for people to try. At first I was gonna do the whole “please fill out the survey after playing” thing as a requirement, but now I’m just going to leave it optional and hope you do fill it out after trying the game and send it to or you can message the file to our inbox at our Facebook Page.

So unfortunately we do not have a demo for iOS or Windows Mobile because the primary development platform has been Android, and it’s what our Programmer is familiar with for putting out builds. I also apologize for not having the Google Play link yet because we don’t want to publish the demo as a demo because that will complicate things with the final version.

Last but not least we are VERY grateful for all the Facebook Page likes, and also for following our blog here! Everytime we see a new like, and see people like our new posts it really helps us motivation wise!

*Update * – The Art Assets are 100% done, and the Music/SFX are also 100% done. Right now the hardest part is getting the Programming to match the Design, which admittedly I did not think it would be anywhere near as complex as it is (from a Development standpoint) though the point is to make it easy to play, harder to master at higher difficulties.

Main Character design by Enrique Carbajal.

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