Videogame Commercials Done So Right (My Top 5)!


So when it comes to videogames, I have seen many a commercial over the year where I thought, “oh man, this is really cool.” I have seen some others that make me hate the game and not even want to try it, such as this gem right here… It’s not so much how unbelievably unrelated it is to Final Fantasy in general, but it feels like it’s pandering to the stereotype that all gamers are lonely males, who wish they had a hot chick to be with… Ugh, dis-freaking-gusting! Ok mini rant over, this is a positive feel good post, so let’s go in that direction shall we?

This is my Ranking of the Top-5 Videogame Commercials of All Time!

#5) Super Mario Bros 3 US Commercial.

So this Ad is nothing that special now according to our super elitist 2017 standards, and I can’t say I blame you for agreeing. But back in 1990 when I was a wee lad by the age of 6, this commercial was hype city! This actually made me feel like everyone in America (my 6 year old mind interpreted this as the world by the way lol) was playing Super Mario Bros. 3, and I needed to get in on the action! It wasn’t just my friends playing this hotly anticipated NES game, it was the whole freaking world! Mind blowing hype for a 6 year old, while adults were probably thinking “whatever shuts these kids up and keeps them out of trouble.

#4) Super Smash Bros N64 US Commercial.

Now keep in mind we are back in 1999, I am little more seasoned, a little more hormonal, I’m now (after all) a 15 year old gamer with experience and tons of street cred! Ok well at least where I lived at the time… I was the gaming guru of my city lol. But really what better way to introduce a 4 player fighting game than to have these classic beloved Nintendo characters beat the crap out of each other on TV? I didn’t know what to expect, for whatever reason this game dodged my radar… All I knew is that commercial told I’m in… I’m in for life! When you’re in, you’re in for life feel me? YA FEEL ME!? Ah good times lol.

#3) Final Fantasy 7 US Commercial(s).

Ok so now we are jumping back two years, to 1997… This was a VERY confusing time for me. On the one hand, this was my most anticipated game ever (especially considering how perfect I thought VI/6 was). On the other hand, I felt like Squaresoft (yes before the Enix merger) had betrayed us Nintendo fans by jumping ship to Playstation… That sense of distrust and disdain quickly disappeared when basically all they showed were cutscenes, which basically told us as fan’s that this was the reason they moved to the CD format because carts just didn’t have the space they needed… While it took a while to feel it was “normal” and shift the blame from Square to Nintendo’s choice to not use optical discs at the time, these commercials definitely shortened that time and made me a Playstation fan from that day on!

#2) Nintendo Switch US Commercial.

Well this was definitely not an easy choice… I nearly made this #1, but that would have been just because I am currently swept by Switch Fever! I needed to step back, be objective, and think about why this was really #2. The real reason this wasn’t my favorite of all time, is because while I felt the song really captured the message and energy of the Switch, and while it also felt like this was Nintendo’s march back to the throne which they lost not long ago, but it was because it felt a little forced. Keep in mind, I chose this as my #2 top videogame commercial of ALL TIME, but I have to be honest. The actors were having a little bit too much fun with 1-2 Switch, and I’m sorry but I just never did even when my friends at GDC 2017 got theirs and we tried it. Despite the “cheesy” moments, I still get goosebumps toward the end of the commercial, but still NOTHING comes close to my #1 in my opinion.

#1) Halo 3 “Believe” US Commercial.

I really recommend that you just watch this in all of it’s glorious 1:35 seconds… I mean honestly, from the brilliant choice of Classical Music (Frédéric Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude {Op. 28, Prelude No. 15 in D-flat major}), which btw I have NO idea how they matched it so perfectly to the visuals… The diorama of figurines depicting a hopeless sense of despair, showing how ultimately humanity was about to be conquered and destroyed by this alien race… Also there were no voices, no sound FX, which lent to the urgency of the scene. It’s brilliance has yet to be matched in my opinion. Then that moment where they zoom in on Master Chief, the sticky grenade glows, and you just see him look up for a few seconds, only to have Believe!! I am freaking tearing up right now as I write it, it was so marvelous for lack of better words! Oh and it’s not just some artsy intellectual appreciation, I literally went out, bought an Xbox 360, and bought Halo 3 with money that I wasn’t even prepared to spend on that console at the time! Turned out it was one of my favorite consoles, but I wouldn’t have known that it if were not for this masterful commercial.

Hope you enjoyed this one! I was inspired to write for the first time in a while, mainly because recent game commercials have sucked (minus the Switch trailer), and it made me think back to the the commercials that not only were cool, but moved me to buy the game and/or console it was on! Did I miss any of your favorites? Feel free to comment below, and thanks for joining me!


  1. Solid list! i would say that Mad World – Gears of War gives a similar feeling as the Halo commercial.

    PS: that smash bros. commercial never gets old.


    1. Hey Ryan!

      Thanks for your comment, and also that’s a pretty cool commercial too! I don’t remember that one, I must have missed it. Haha and yes that Smash Brothers commercial is a classic for sure haha!


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