Huge Update! Just In Time for GDC 2018

Greetings Space Cadets!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on the status for Space Exodus. We have been undergoing many changes, and trying to secure the Development Team, which now we have an amazing Dev team working. We have hit just about every road block you could think could happen when making a game. That didn’t deter us, nor did it cause us to quit. With my original team mates, Carlos Franco, and Mike Bacon Jr, we pushed through and knew it was only a matter of time before we would meet a good match for our Programming department.

In GDC 2017, I met Eric Mazer, who has been working with us to refine our game’s code, and worked on the AI for the enemies and bosses. Fast forward to GDC 2018, we have the distinct honor of welcoming Denise Castellanos as our new Lead Programmer. Thanks to Eric, and her we are now ready to FINALLY begin our Early Access like process (aka open beta).

With special thanks to Enrique Carbajal (who helped us with a lot of our in-game art assets, and logo redesign), Adedji Ogundipe (who first built the prototype for us to play with based on my design), Harold Vargas (who custom built our Localization System for Translations), Amy Ho (who did our translation for Simplified and Traditional Chinese), Laura Gassert (who did our translation for Brazilian Portuguese), and a major component of our succeeding in getting the game out there has been my wonderful wife Kanako, who didn’t give up on me even when I sometimes wanted to give up on myself!

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us in our ups and downs, to everyone who gave us good advice or encouraged us to keep on going, and thank you to everyone who will give us feedback, become part of our treasured community, and help make this game something that people will want to play for years to come!

Thank you so much!

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