Space Exodus


Space Exodus is a game created for teens to adults (13-50) but with the intention of being playable by anyone. The focus of the game is combining the arcade feel of games like Geometry Wars / Asteroid with RPG features for Android & iOS. The game will have standard arcade mode, score challenge, and a story mode. Enemies & obstacles will come from every angle, but the player must defend themselves and the galaxy from the confines
of the screen!


Space Exodus is a story about a young child (choose a boy or a girl to play) from the earth who was captured by the Mitz Rayeem. A race of half physical half spiritual beings that have kidnapped 1/10 th of humanity (as well as 60% the worlds cows) to their home planet Pyramidus. Their goal was to gather all the brightest and capable people and turn them into slaves… With the ultimate
evil plot of making hamburgers without end. These aliens know no end to their hunger for hamburgers, and want to gather more humans to bring them the highest quality hamburgers possible! Then the (main character which is the player) is approached by a dim light in the night sky that reveals itself to be a space ship beyond the capacity and technology of the Mitz Rayeem.

It introduces itself as the Magen-D, and casually asks “So like, wanna save your people or what?” The player can say no, and be given a funny work-around to say yes, or say yes and begin their journey! Travel all the way from Pyramidus through space accompanying the Dai-Shemot (huge slave ship carrying the rescued humans, and cows) to return humanity backed to the promised planet!

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